Frequently asked Questions

What is a myxstem?

A myxstem is a Stand-Alone-App version of a music album, featuring mute, solo, pan and fade of each stem (instrument) of every song, along with tempo control & looping. On their iPhone or Android device, listeners can build the perfect mix to play, learn- or sing-along, and also view the score, sheet music and lyrics.

What’s the quality of  Myxstem stems?

When it comes to listening to all the artists you love, we prefer to use the authentic original quality stems provided by the licence holders. If, for whatever reason,  the originals are not available, we can prepare high quality stems from the recordings.

Do I need the stems for my songs to make a myxstem?

No, we can prepare the individual stems from your original master project files if required.

If you prefer to supply us the stems yourself we have information on how to prepare your stems that we will provide during onboarding.

Who is myxstem for?

Myxstem is a new category of digital merchandise for musicians, as a premium experience to offer to their music fans, in a consumer friendly format directly on their mobile devices.

What platforms will my myxstem be available for?

iOS and Android App Stores.

How much of the sale price of my app will I / my label receive?

50% of any revenue from sales after distribution costs / app store fees.

How and when will I get paid out for the Myxstem apps that we sell?

Payouts are made quarterly with digital payments.

Is there a limit to how many stems I can have per song?

We prefer that no more than 15 stems per track be included.

Can I give my app away for free?

No. Myxstem recommends a standard price to the customer of $9.99 USD for a full length collection of music.

How much does it cost to make a myxstem?

There are no upfront costs to the Artist, we take care of production. If selected and approved, there is no cost to the artist / label to setup a Myxstem release.

Do I need to own the licensing/rights to my songs to release an app?

Yes. You and/or your label must own all the rights to the music and recordings..

Is it ok if my songs have already been released on other platforms?

Yes, so long as no exclusivity deals are preventing a Myxstem release.

Do I still own my music?

Absolutely. If selected, artists enter into a limited licensing deal with Myxstem to market the artist’s Album-as-as-App. Myxstem neither claims nor desires any master or publishing rights of the artists we work with.

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