Release music as Album-as-an-App (iOS & Android) featuring stem-access. Quickly, easily, no upfront costs.


Open your Music

Mute, solo
and mix

Notation, text
and images

Control speed
&  looping

UI customized 
to Artwork

Allowing users to completely control the listening experience, the app features mute, solo, pan and fade for each stem along with tempo control, looping and sheet music. By adjusting the levels of each instrument (stem), listeners can build the perfect mix to play- or sing-along. All MYXSTEM™ releases support sheet music, lyrics & notes to create a truly immersive musical experience.

How it works


Record something new or grab a record from your catalogue


Stem Out

Secure & prepare the individual stem files from original master projects


Deliver files to MYXSTEM™ and we’ll look after the creation of the App


Release your own ‘Album-as-a-App’ on iOS and Android


Engage, promote and monetize; deepening audience connections with insights, contests and challenges

Bottom line


Upfront Costs:

$20 – $100 

Distribution Costs:

0% – 15% 


Upfront Costs:

∼ $2,500 – $3,500 

Distribution Costs:

$1,500 – $2,500 

Upfront Costs:


Distribution Costs:

Apple, Google, Myxstem

Label-cut and taxes as applicable.