We are artist-first

Musicians need monetization options and solutions that add value for their fans.

Until now, there hasn’t been a way for artists and their fans to have one-to-one engagement through the music, or for aspiring musicians to effortlessly participate with the recorded music they love.

MYXSTEM was born in New Orleans and evolved out of an earlier incarnation (FKA Tutti Player) — an award winning technology which powered music education programs such as Berklee College of Music, Jazz at Lincoln Center and more.

In 2021 we assembled a new team, rebranded as MYXSTEM and began releasing on both iOS and Android — providing new revenue streams for musicians, offering exceptional educational value, invigorating music catalogues and encouraging deeper, more meaningful fan engagement. 

Our international team includes: 

Darren Hoffman

Founder / CEO

NYC / New Orleans / London

Maurice Redmond

Co-Founder / CDO

Berlin, Germany

Nate ‘Suave’ Cameron


New Orleans

Jeff Hanby

Development Project Manager

New Orleans

Jonathan Biguenet

Senior Software Engineer

New Orleans

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